Remember when you heard that Frank Miller would be helming a dark and edgy Buck Rogers, and we all laughed and cracked jokes? Well, now you don't have to worry about soft nudity or Samuel L. Jackson in Nazi regalia, because Variety reports that Paul W.S. Anderson will be directing it instead for Paradox Entertainment. Of course, it goes without saying that Buck will also be 3D like every movie that isn't being made by the Coen Bros, Lars von Trier or Paul Thomas Anderson.

On the upside, this Buck Rogers won't be penned by Anderson like many of his films. Buck Rogers is getting a script from Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, who were co-writers on Iron Man. Any element that pushes a film closer to Marvel Studios and Iron Man, and further from Death Race 2000 or Alien Vs. Predator is something to grab onto and cherish. While Anderson, Marcum, and Holloway are remaining tight lipped about their plans, it sounds as though their Buck Rogers will just be a straight-up remake of his classic origin story.

Rogers is one of the oldest sci-fi / comic strip characters around, and it's not surprising he would find a way to come back in the age of the sci-fireboot. Not only has a movie been rumbling around Hollywood for the last year or so, but he has a new comic book over at Dynamite Entertainment. (You can read a preview of issue #1 if you're thirsting for some Buck Rogers. I'm sure it's cover art resemblance to Tron: Legacy is just coincidence.) If you already despair and want Frank Miller back, there's still a chance this could change direction again. Paradox doesn't plan on filming it until they are done with Marcus Nispel's Conan, Anderson has a plate full of reboots, and Holloway and Marcum are still trying to reboot Highlander. Yes, let all that rebooting and remaking sink in, now.

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