Actress Carla Gugino and her Elektra Luxxbrethren showed their true, indomitable colors when their latest film, a sequel to last year's Women in Trouble, suffered an unforeseeable snafu at their SXSW world premiere. (Festival staffers added an additional screening the next evening, and the cast showed up for another Q&A.) But like her filmic counterpart Elektra Luxx – who finds herself at the center of another seriocomic screwball adventure in the second part of the intended Women in Trouble trilogy – Gugino is not one to let life's accidents rain on her parade.

A day after Gugino and co-stars Malin Akerman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Emma Bell joined their writer-director Sebastian Gutierrez on stage to appease the audience with a spirited impromptu Q&A at the Elektra Luxx premiere, Cinematical caught up with the ebullient actress to talk about Elektra Luxx, her eclectic career choices, and her not-so-secret love for the geek contingent who've worshipped her in films like Sin City and Watchmen. For Gugino, films like Luxx not only allow her to work with friends under a filmmaker's strong vision, they also give her the chance to counteract Hollywood's unfortunate penchant for the "c" word -- "chick flick" – with strong female characters who defy easy classification. While an official release date for Elektra Luxx is yet to be announced, Gugino fans can start salivating for next year's Sucker Punch, in which she reunites with Watchmen director Zack Snyder for what she calls a "big girl power movie."