In January, we landed in a somewhat awkward position when we were forced to share the short amount of time we'd been allocated to interview 'Youth in Revolt' star Michael Cera with Anthony Layser, a reporter from the "men's lifestyle site"

Despite Layser's clear lack of film knowledge and general, overall unpleasantness -- not to mention his casual and, quite frankly, disrespectful choice of wardrobe -- people seemed to enjoy the results.

So we return with another installment of Dueling Interviewers (DUI).

This time, we took the show on the road to Lake Tahoe, where we shared a cozy fireside chat with the hilarious (and physically intimidating) Craig Robinson, who's cracked up audiences in Judd Apatow fare like 'Knocked Up' and on TV's 'The Office,' and now shines brightly as one-fourth of the lead quartet in 'Hot Tub Time Machine.'
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