Just how sci-fi is Hot Tub Time Machine? It's a question I posed earlier on our sister site Sci-Fi Squad, and this exclusive clip from the wild comedy (coming to theatres this Friday) is about as scientific as Hot Tub Time Machine ever gets. Besides, who would want to listen to Clark Duke theorize on black holes for ninety minutes, when you can watch John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson relive all of their drunken high school sexcapades instead?

The clip is safe-for-work as long as you can pretend that the white powder all over Robinson's face is delicious powered sugar (spoiler alert: It's NOT powdered sugar). Our own Peter Hall called the film "an R-rated Back to the Future" after his early sneak peek, and after seeing it, I'd say it's like Hot Dog: The Movie meets Time Crimes. There's something about seeing John Cusack hit the slopes in the 1980's that brings back fond memories of Better Off Dead and that's not just a good thing -- that's a great thing.

Hot Tub Time Machine opens this Friday, March 26. You can watch our exclusive clip after the jump.