We all know Kurt Kuenne as the man who ripped our hearts out, twisted them, and then handed them back in a emotional and sticky mess with Dear Zachary, A Letter to a Son About his Father. What you might not know, especially if the turmoil of that documentary wiped away from earlier moments, is that he also likes comedy. The year before Zachary hit, short film fans got a taste of sugary, feel-good Validation, starring Bones' TJ Thyne.

Like most good shorts, the premise is simple: Thyne plays a man who validates parking lot tickets. However, he doesn't just stamp the paper and shoo customers on their way. Each is served with their own specialized validation, like: "You. You are awesome." His popularity quickly grows to epic proportions, no stodgy folk being able to stand their crabby ground as the simple parking validator becomes a superstar, even validating famous folks like George W. Bush. But alas, he meets a miserable photo taker at the dastardly DMV and things begin to fall apart.

With this being Wednesday, and two full days of work looming ahead, I figure we can all use a smile, a laugh, and some earnest validation. Check out the short after the jump.