First there was [REC], a cinema verite tour of a Spanish apartment building progressively overrun by an unknown virus, and it was good. Then there was [REC] 2, a second cinema verite tour of that same apartment building only with the effects and background of the virus turned up to 11, and it too was good. But then few in America had an opportunity to see how impressive a sequel Jamue Balaguero and Paco Plaza's sequel was, and that was bad. Now, however, Magnolia Pictures has stepped in to distribute [REC] 2 and all is good again.

See, all it takes is a little patience. Films as fantastic as [REC] 2 can't be held back forever. Someone is bound to recognize the profit potential eventually, I'm just glad that this time around said someone was Magnolia and not Sony, who held back [REC] the first time around so they could push the American reenactment, Quarantine, instead. Right now it's a little unclear just how wide of a release Magnolia will be giving the film, but at the very least it'll be in NY and LA on July 9th ahead of its currently undated DVD release.

I was actually planning on importing the Japanese Blu-ray of [REC] 2 soon, but I guess at this point I'll just hold out for Magnolia's release, as (Let the Right One in subtitling aside), they've done a great job on treating us horror fans right in the past. In the mean time, you can read our [REC] 2 review here and check out the film's opening scene below.
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