Poor, simple fools. Nothing can beat Maleficent, the Mistress of all Evil! In January, the rumor mill was buzzing with the possibility that Tim Burton was going to go to the land of Sleeping Beauty, and tell the story of the Mouse House's best villain. Now THR's Heat Vision reports that Disney has tapped Linda Woolverton to pen a script for the film, aptly titled: Maleficent.

While she has a long history with the company, Woolverton's most recent script was this year's Alice in Wonderland, so you know what that means -- we're possibly one step closer to seeing Burton's vision of the horned villain. While the director hasn't signed on yet -- he is circling a number of projects -- he did express interest last summer while working on Alice, and Woolverton's inclusion should help.

We don't yet know what the plan is -- how dark Disney wants to go with the evil faerie who delved much farther into evil deeds than mere wrinkles and poisoned apples. But if Burton's circling, that should give you an idea. Nevertheless it's a risky proposition. Woolverton's first big solo project was Alice, which isn't hitting the heart of fans like one might expect. Can the pair do our favorite wicked woman justice? Remake an oldie and fans can always fall back on the previous incarnation if they're disappointed, but creating canon for a beloved character -- that's a risky proposition.
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