With hundreds of Twi-hards outside on the sidewalk eagerly awaiting the DVD release party for 'The Twilight Saga: New Moon,' we are led into the back offices of the Union Square Best Buy. We open the door to where we've been told Peter Facinelli will be awaiting the interview, but the room is empty. The publicist tells us to wait and scurries off to see where the actor has gone. As we walk across the room, a creepy feeling suddenly overcomes us. We whirl around to find Facinelli standing there, grinning like an devious child. He was hiding behind the door.

Although he's been working in Hollywood for well over a decade, the Queens native has only recently snuck up on audiences. Before becoming paternal vampire Carlisle Cullen and Dr. Fitch Cooper on Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie,' people on the street recognized him as "that guy from that TV show" ('Fastlane' or 'Damages') or "that guy from that movie" ('The Big Kahuna' or 'The Scorpion King') or "that guy who married Kelly from '90210.'" There are worse things than being known as Mr. Jennie Garth, especially when the famous couple astounds Hollywood cliches by staying married for over nine years and counting. Still, the father of three daughters must be excited now that his profile has risen.