There's a very basic internet meme going on over at Urlesquethat takes an already (or newly) iconic line from Clash of the Titans ("Release the Kraken!") and an image of Liam Neeson as Zeus saying the line and matches it with whatever you believe the Kraken to be. Like a kitten. Or a little dog riding a big dog. Or Matt Berry's character from The IT Crowd. The meme seems to be in its very early stages, as there are no alterations of Neeson's part of the image macro nor his captioned dialogue, but I'm hoping this all changes very soon. If you have an idea of your own, head over to the site and comment on the post with an image of your own.

I'm actually pretty surprised there aren't too many obvious or literal substitutions for the Kraken image. There is reference to the Kraken from Pirates of the Caribbeanand a very clever nod to a line in Juno, but no Harryhausen tribute? No Watcher in the Water from LotR: The Fellowship of the Ring? No Ursula from The Little Mermaid? No giant plate of calamari? Okay, the more random the better, but I want more film and TV references. If I had more time or was better at Photoshop I'd do a bunch. For now, though, enjoy my version to the right.
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