Wow, I'll be honest: When you call your movie Battletruck, there isn't much more you have to do to convince me to give it a chance. But because Guild HomeVideo was never one to take the easy way out, the world now has this stunning example of VHS art.

I've stared at Battletruck for five minutes and still am thoroughly confused as to its physical makeup. Putting aside the black mass on Battletruck's right side (I have no idea what that piece is for), it looks to have at least three different grills (one of which has a dude with a gun tied to it), turrets that point in seemingly useless directions (when would Battletruck ever need to shoot at something slightly up and to its left or right?), and no less than 12 headlights (each of which is roughly the size of the humans who apparently sat in two of Battletruck's many eject seats).

And it has two cartoon eyes. Let's not forget those.

Battletruck was made in New Zealand, was set "in 1994 after the oil wars," and is also known as Warlords of the 21st Century. After the jump I've included a teaser trailer (which looks surprisingly good), and a stunning stunt sequence featuring (*spoiler alert*) Battletruck's dive off an 800-foot cliff.

Full art below ...
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