Before anyone gets too worked up about me putting the words 'Terrific' and Terminator Salvation in the same sentence, keep in mind this feature is called Terrific Trailers, and I'm not about to open up that can of worms again aboutSalvation's(many) faults. Although I would like to get this out there right at the outset: after seeing the movie again, it wasn't as bad as I remembered. Yes, I think we know where it fell apart, but before we get too attached to what went wrong with Terminator, let's focus on what went right. Now normally, for a flick like this, it's all about the teaser...a quick money shot, a title card, and the audience is hooked. But for me, I wasn't truly sold on plunking down my hard-earned dollars until I saw the trailer that had the good sense to pick one of my favorite Nine Inch Nails songs, The Day the World Went Away.

So it might be difficult, but try and watch this trailer with fresh eyes, because I happen to think it had everything we (and I) look for in a summer blockbuster: pretty boys/girls, quality F/X, and the good sense to keep at least a few of the surprises a secret (and hey, they even kept Bale's growling to a minimum). That's always the danger of watching a trailer, though, because sometimes when it's a little too good, the film is doomed to be a let-down -- and before you know it, you've been hoodwinked and you're looking forward to a movie that never existed.

After the jump: "the day the whole world went away..."