I think were someone to actually sit down and crunch the numbers it would be revealed that a movie about crytopzoological horrors enters production approximately ever 103 seconds. Okay, so maybe they're not that common, but they're certainly not hard to find (just turn to the Syfy channel any given weekend and you can watch a dozen of them back-to-back). What makes this news about Crytpid, a new entry in this particular creature feature brotherhood, particularly interesting to me is that it's being directed by Julian Richards, a filmmaker I've been keeping an eye on since The Last Horror Movie (if I was a betting man, I'd lay good money on this being my pick the next time the HS Movie Club comes my way).

Bloody-Disgusting gives us the sales art, which you can see right above this text, as well as the following synopsis:

"Snowy mountains, a creepy forest, and a dying mining town are the setting for this dark, horror-thriller about a failed zoologist named Frankie with a Moby Dick obsession to find the "cryptid" she believes killed her father. Now the once prosperous gold town is shutting down, everyone is being evacuated, and Frankie's pet theory is dismissed as the raving of a woman suffering from the same delusional paranoia that plagues her mother - that they would rather believe in monsters than accept the fact that the men they love leave them.

The harder Frankie hunts for it, the more dangerous and elusive her creature becomes. Is Frankie avoiding her internal demons by chasing a monster that is more obsessive delusion than reality? But if the cryptid doesn't exist, then who's doing all the killing?"

It may not sound like the most original premise in the world, but Richards' involvement has me more excited than I normally would be, which is saying a lot, since I'm normally pretty excited about cryptozoological flicks to begin with. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for news on Crytpid as it develops.
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