When it comes to shameless plugs, I tend to err on the squeamish side. No one likes to toot their own horn and there's a certain satisfaction in knowing there is someone out there willing to do it for you because they feel strongly enough - about whatever you may be touting - to do it. There is also a hesitancy on my part on being that guy for someone I know, since the last thing I want is to get lumped in with the backdoor relationships that lead certain journalists to write favorable stories and neglect to tell their readers about their bias and motivation. In this case, however, that would lead you to miss a very fine documentary.

So allow me to be as upfront as possible. Collin Souter is more than just a colleague and a friend, not to mention a respected film critic in his own right. He was also a classmate of mine in my first year at Columbia College Chicago. You may have heard of some of that school's alumni. A certain Janusz Kaminski has been Steven Spielberg's regular cinematographer (and a two-time Oscar winner) ever since Schindler's List and another DP named Mauro Fiore just took home the gold for the biggest moneymaker of all time. Kaminski and Fiore made their way out of Columbia shooting tales about the Jews and the Na'vi, and now along comes Souter to take on another group of the oppressed - singles.

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