It's cruel how many film festivals there are out there. If you're a movie buff, barely a day goes by that you're not reading about some awesome sounding fest on the other side of the world. Well, if you happen to live in or around Asheville, North Carolina, you finally have one to call your own. Rejoice, now the rest of the world gets to hate you for being the hometown of the brand new ActionFest!

I should hope from the title it's self-explanatory what genre ActionFest is honoring, but in case it's not, here's another clue: They'll be giving Chuck Norris a Lifetime Achievement Award. That alone makes me want to hop on a plane for the fest, which runs April 15th to the 18th. Compounding my envy is the actual ActionFest lineup. They've just announced the first wave of titles and my ass is sore just from reading it; I flinch at the thought that a second wave is going to arrive at some point.

The full press release and lineup is below, but in short ActionFest will be blood sporting 3 world premieres, 3 North American premieres, 2 US premieres, and 9 regional premieres (not too shabby for a first time festival). All the titles sound fascinating, but I can vouch for The Good, the Bad, the Weird, Centurion and Vengeance as all being musts for anyone in the vicinity. Plus, did I mention Chuck Norris will be there?

Film badges are as low as $65 (which averages out to about $3 per movie), it's all held in a single location (so there's no rushing across town to make the next screening), and all profits go to Kickstar Kids, Norris' charity that helps high-risk middle school kids learn discipline through martial arts training (which sounds like the plot of a movie).
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