It's old and tired history by now, but one of my biggest geek disappointments was that Angela Bassett didn't play Storm in X-Men. She's one of the rare actresses that seems made for action-adventure movies (she kicked some major ass in Strange Days) but never really lands franchise roles. But she may have finally joined one comic book universe, as Variety reports that she has signed on to The Green Lantern.

Bassett will be playing Dr. Amanda Waller, who is a recurring character in a lot of DC books. She's not a superheroine, but a government agent who has headed up her share of superhero teams. She was the boss of the Suicide Squad, a team of former supervillains who took on dangerous missions in exchange for amnesty. She was also the the leader of Checkmate, DC's covert ops agency.

It's an interesting character to pop into Green Lantern, mainly because Waller hasn't played any part in Hal Jordan's storylines that I can remember. She's played more of a part in Superman and Batman stories (she even served under Lex Luthor in his unpleasant term as president) and has popped up in Justice League Unlimited and in Smallville. I imagine those who are fervently wishing for a Justice League movie might see this as hope Warner Bros and DC are going to start tying the universe together, despite what Christopher Nolan says. And who knows? Perhaps you'll be right in the end.
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