You ever get that feeling when you know you should let something go ... but you just can't? That's where I'm at right now. Part of me wants to let this whole Kevin Smith vs. Film Critics thing wither and die -- but another (apparently larger and stronger) side of me demands that I address the issue. Maybe it's because I've spent ten years working closely with film critics all over the planet, or maybe it's because I hold a lot of respect for the profession of film advocacy ... but I'm still pretty steamed. And I suppose Kevin Smith can take that as a compliment, because I doubt I'd get this perturbed over a filmmaker I didn't like and/or respect.

So first I'll point you towards Devin Faraci's take on the whole mess, because he's encapsulated the tempest quite well, and I happen to think that several of his opinions are right on the money. (Also because he scares me.) Done? Good. So now that you're all caught up on the fan-friendly filmmaker's tirade, I'll break some of Mr. Smith's complaints down individually, and then I'll turn you over to some of the Cinematical film critics to see what they think of this outrageously geeky confrontation.

My first problem is with this: "You wanna enjoy movies again? Stop reading about them & just go to the movies." Yes, that's right. A man who makes movies for a living wants you to avoid reading about films (including negative reviews, I assume) and "just go to the movies." Sort of like a salesman would say "just buy the car." And I know this sounds like public television, but I've learned almost as much about film by reading as I have by watching. It seems goofy to even tell people this, it seems so obvious.
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