Every year there are those small little festival indies that I somehow become personally involved with because I saw the film at a fest, fell kinda in love with it and then took it upon myself to champion the thing into theaters so that folks like you will discover it and find some new entertainment that you may not have otherwise known existed. That's my favorite part of this job by far, and it is with great pleasure that we premiere this exclusive clip from Breaking Upwards, a film that carved a little hole in my heart back when it premiered at the 2009 SXSW Film Festival, and I've followed it ever since. (I even conducted a Q&A for the movie during the Big Apple Film Festival, and presented co-star Zoe Lister-Jones with the fest's NY Emerging Talent Award, which she whole-heartedly deserved.)

Set in New York City, Breaking Upwards stars Daryl Wein (who also co-wrote and directed) and Zoe Lister-Jones as a couple (named Daryl and Zoe) who, unfulfilled with their current relationship, decide to intricately strategize their break-up. Oh, and maybe I should tell you that they're also a couple in real life ... so, yes, there's a whole crazy meta thing happening here too. One of the best things about the film (other than its sharp-witted script) is that Wein colors the background with an excellent cast, including Olivia Thirlby, Pablo Schreiber, Andrea Martin and Julie White -- the latter of which is featured alongside Wein in the hilarious clip featured after the jump.

So listen: Breaking Upwards is hitting a limited amount of theaters (NY on 4/2, LA on 4/9, San Fran on 4/16, then Boston and Minneapolis) in early April, and you can catch it On Demand (via IFC) on April 2nd. Definitely check it out; might sound odd considering the plot, but it's a fantastic date movie. Trailer and clip after the jump.