When it comes to spoilers -- especially Lost spoilers -- I don't want to know one thing. Yet, I have absolutely no problem learning the titles of episodes ahead of time, because they rarely ever make any sense out of context. Besides, it's fun to speculate on what they mean and how they factor into the show -- kinda like how much fun it was to learn the title of the premiere episode, LA X, a few months before the final season launched.

Well, now they've officially released the title of the final two-part episode of Lost that will unfortunately (but fortunately for people like me who just want to get this sucker over and done with) conclude the series. During the latest Lost podcast, showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse announced that the title for the very last episode will be -- spoiler alert -- "The End". Cuse followed that up by saying, "I think we couldn't probably make a more clear statement as to the fact that we are bringing our story to a close."

So, yeah, that's it -- no funny wording, or backwards Latin, or some random reference to the third episode in Season 3. Just simply ... the end. And let's cross our fingers that that end is a satisfying one.

[via Slashfilm]
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