If you could transport yourself anywhere in a time machine, what time and place would you choose? We're guessing you'd avoid the "Where's the Beef" '80s. But in a new movie opening Friday, a group of middle-aged slackers are sent back to their misspent youth as they're soaked by a time machine with a mind of its own.

... a 'Hot Tub Time Machine.'

John Cusack is above the title as lovelorn Adam; Craig Robinson and Rob Corddry co-star as his best friends. 'HTTM's' story begins with the buddies heading out to a dumpy, but unexpectedly mystical, ski lodge.

In his long career, Cusack has delivered, in films both sophisticated and sophomoric (check out Roger Ebert's full 'Hot Tub' review -- linked below -- in which he claims there's not one stinker among the over four dozen Cusack films he's seen). It is rare when a movie's title gets you laughing (us, anyway). Hopes are high for 'Hot Tub.'

Among those who've caught early screenings, praise is bubbling over for the actors, especially ex-'Daily Show' correspondent Corddry. Let's look deeper into the 'Hot Tub' critical reaction.
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