Things have been pretty quiet on the Dementium 2 front lately, but with the Nintendo DS title's April 20th release date right around the corner, publisher SouthPeak Games has a brand new trailer highlighting all the ghoulish delights that will be on display when the game hits retailers.

This new clip showcases not only some of the story elements of the title, but the gameplay as well. The first person horror shooter looks to be shaping up quite nicely in the trailer--there appears to be no shortage of freaky monsters for our hero to pump full of lead.

In this new outing players take the role of William Redmoor, the recipient of radical brain surgery at the Bright Dawn Treatment Center for the Criminally Insane. Unfortunately, said surgery doesn't seem to have worked as Redmoor is still seeing demons and now believes his doctor is out to get him as well. Players work to uncover what's really happening at Bright Dawn by literally confronting Redmoor's demons and trying to learn once and for all if he's truly insane.

Jump past the break for the new trailer and be sure to swing by the Dementium 2 website for more details.
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