The biggest complaint about 3D movies, other than the annoying glasses, is the price. Every 3D movie has a tacked-on surcharge of a few dollars, which can really add up -- especially since most of the 3D releases so far have been family films. I had hoped that eventually the format and the screens would become popular and common enough that the price would be lowered at least a little bit, if not equal to a normal movie. Of course, this is Hollywood we're talking about, so instead we can expect an increase on the price of a 3D movie now that it's such a success.

According to Variety, the big bump begins this week with the release of How to Train Your Dragon. Apparently a Wall Street survey finds that some chains are raising their ticket prices by 26% for the 3D version of the new DreamWorks Animation feature. That's the result of 10 theaters upping regular 3D surcharges by 8.3% and IMAX 3D surcharges by 9.9%. Average adult cost for 3D will now be $14.73 rather than $13.60 for normal size screen and $16.63 rather than $15.13 for IMAX. Some cinemas are reportedly only increasing the adult prices.

The key for those of you (and surely there are many) who don't like the sound of this news is to protest rather than continue complaining. Boycott the theaters that are exploiting you for making Alice in Wonderlandsuch a blockbuster hit. Variety quotes the survey report as claiming, "if consumers absorb the price increases without issue, we believe it bodes well for the pricing power of the movie exhibition industry."

So, who has an issue, and what will you do about it? And who is fine with "absorbing" the higher cost?
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