Got a rare baseball card lying around? Maybe something else handed down to you by your relatives from the old country? Well, get it out of moth balls and see if it is worth about $2.2 million to somebody. For that is what it will cost to swap out a piece of history that was the subject of an Oscar-winning film by Steven Spielberg. No it is not the Ark of the Covenant, a mechanical shark or Tom Sizemore. It is a 14-page document with over 800 names on it and it is not the pre-Oscar memo to Academy members by Harvey Weinstein to vote for Shakespeare In Love.

That's right, Schindler's List can now be yours for just over two million in the bank. Gary Zimet, a New York memorabilia dealer, claims to have the last privately-owned copy of the document. He is actually representing the current owner of the manuscript which was sold to them by the family of Itzhak Stern, Oskar Schindler's accountant portrayed in the 1993 film by Ben Kingsley.

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