Comics are made into movies every day, but when your comic is about a wickedly clueless dude who has to defeat his super-cool new girlfriend's evil ex-boyfriends to win her hand in ... dating, the stakes are raised. It isn't as easy as throwing some muscled dork into spandex and catapulting him through the air. So, how do you merge slacker city life in Toronto with killer videogame fight moves? Ask Edgar Wright, because the first trailer for Scott Pilgrim v. the World has finally hit, and it looks frakking awesome. The poster's right -- This is definitely an epic of epic epicness.

Don't be fooled by the soft beginning and Scott's (Michael Cera) googly eyes for Ramona Flowers. It quickly turns into hard-core action with one carefully placed question mark, laying out the evil exes and some of Scott's fighting moves. Mae Whitman (of Arrested Development fame) is one kick-ass Roxy Richter, and deserves an evil ex movie all of her own, but there's also great moments with Chris Evans' Lucas Lee (who flings Pilgrim into Toronto landmark Casa Loma), Anna Kendrick's sisterly advice as Stacey, and of course, Winstead's casually cool Flowers. Like, doesn't everyone have to fight their new partner's evil exes?

We still have to wait for some good Knives Chau moments, tuneage from the perfectly named Sex Bob-Omb, and maybe a glimpse of the epic Honest Ed's showdown, but if this doesn't tide you over and fill you with utter fan glee, your heart is ice, man. ICE. Check the trailer out in HD over at Apple.