How committed am I to Cinematical and its readers? Very. So much so that when my editors called and asked if I could be in Puerto Rico by the end of the week to meet The Losers, I dropped everything and flew over mountains, sea, and Washington D.C. I'm not a nervous traveler by any means, but as we hit crazy turbulence over the ocean, I began to wonder if my dedication to all things geeky and cinematic was going to find me as the newest castaway on LOST. Combine the edges of the Bermuda Triangle with the then-raging swine flu epidemic, oppressive heat and humidity, and a filming location thick with Homeland Security officers, and you have the making of a very unusual Cinematical workday. But what other job lets you visit Puerto Rico to the tune of gunfire, and see a DC-Vertigo book brought to life? Not very many.

By now, you've met The Losers via their first trailer and you know just as much as we online outlets did before landing in San Juan. The Losers are the unlucky stars of Andy Diggle and Jock's DC/Vertigo series. They're a Special Forces team who worked for the CIA before being betrayed in Bolivia, labeled as traitors, and left for dead by their mysterious contact, Max. They give themselves a suitably cynical nickname and seek revenge and redemption. Along the way, they meet a mysterious and vicious woman named Aisha (Zoe Saldana) who offers to help them find and punish Max for what he's done to them.