See that picture above? It's a bad representative photo because that is not what this movie is. This was buzz-worded around SXSW as a documentary about the Canadian band Broken Social Scene. The problem is that it's not a documentary at all, but rather a film that uses a concert as a backdrop. You don't get to find out who the band is, you don't explore how they formed, they don't talk about the offshoots and other groups who join in. You might already know that stuff if you're steeped in the current music scene, but I'm so tragically unhip that I didn't even who they were.

However, I am now a convert. The music is terrific, and that makes you ache for an actual documentary about these people. Who are they? How did they get together? Why are there so many band members? How bad is it when they fight? But, as mentioned above, you get none of this. You just hear the music and occasionally the camera will focus on concert footage of the band for a few moments. But that's it. Still, you do see and hear enough of them that you hope a live album from that concert will be released, it's just that wanting about them in this movie is an exercise in frustration.

It's almost forgivable because director Bruce McDonald uses the rich soundtrack and an actual concert as the lynchpin for this movie ... it's just too bad he takes a tremendous liberty with the audience and slaps them in the face at the end of the film.