Horror films have turned to Greek mythology before -- dark tales about gods, demigods and otherwise are a creative source for monsters and other fare. Prometheus was a Titan who supposedly stole fire from the almighty Zeus to give it to humans. This didn't sit well with the King of all Gods, so Zeus punished him by binding him to a rock, where an eagle would eat his liver. Kicker is -- it would grow back to be eaten again the next day, over and over again.

Ominous Productions and writer/director Sean Tretta (The Great American Snuff Film) are currently in post-production with The Prometheus Project -- which tells the story of a group of scientists who have regenerated more than just a liver. Through their underground stem cell research they've discovered a cell anomaly that can renew dead tissue. They use the serum on a corpse which raises an undead, Frankenstein-esque abomination.

The film stars scream queen Tiffany Shepis and mini-Mandylor aka Louis Mandylor (brother of Costas). The production has a MySpace page has more info, photos and, as Dread Central points out, something resembling evidence of a cage fighting match. Hmmm ...
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