Ah, the dreaded 'double dip'. Friend to no one but studio bean counters and enemy to movie fans everywhere. We all know the drill by now; if a studio can release a film on DVD/Blu-ray more than once, they absolutely will. They'll stockpile bonus content and then dole it out over the years under the guise of various Special Editions and Collectors Editions and Special Collectors Editions. It's not exactly a scummy, nefarious racket they're running, but I do feel bad for those who don't compulsively read DVD news who pick up a barebones new release and then later find out that a vastly superior product to the one they've just purchased will be available a few months down the road.

I'm sure it's been obvious to all, but consider this a final heads up; Fox will be dipping back into Avatar fanbase as often as they can and here's a re-cap of what to expect from their current timeline (info compiled from THR and SCI FI Wire's coverage of the recent Avatar junket):

April 22, 2010, Initial Avatar DVD and Blu-ray release.
There are no on-disc special features planned and 2D only, no matter the medium. The disc won't even have trailers on it so as to leave as much space available as possible for picture quality. The Blu-ray, however, will have access to a BD Live site with some online special features, though producer Jon Landau warns, "I think it's more of a tease to what is coming in the fall."
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