Do you remember your high school prom? If it was anything like mine, you rented a tux at Mr. Tux (Westchester, NY, is not particularly clever with the store names), bought a corsage that you had no idea what to do with and sprung with your friends for a limo which, in hindsight, had no real legitimate purpose other than you're 17 and that's what impresses a 17-year-old. Oh yeah, throw in a bit of awkward, jerky movements that with a little (lot) more rhythm, others would call "dancing" and a stolen bottle of Jameson from your dad's liquor cabinet and you have a pretty memorable night.

As documented in 'The World's Best Prom,' though, the people of Racine, WI, would laugh me out of the sparsely decorated, rented catering hall. Like high school football in Texas, Racine takes the prom very seriously. Every year, a giant, raucous parade fills the streets as students compete for the most outlandish form of transportation. Here, stretch limos are the vehicular pariahs, as fire engines, 18-wheelers and live elephants signal the arrival of promgoers.
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