Drum roll time. Considering it is the most profitable film ever made, Paramount has been actively seeking a director for the sequel to Paranormal Activity for some time now. They had their man in Saw 6 director Kevin Grutert, but then Lionsgate stole him back for Saw 7 by activating a clause in his contract with the studio. Then things got even more unpredictable as word started to leak out that possible directors being recruited were mega-producer Akiva Goldsman and Brian De Palma, to name a few. Well, now the search is over and the winner is...Tod "Kip" Williams.

Don't know who Tod Williams is? That's alright, I doubt you're alone on that end. Don't worry though, no one had any idea who Oren Peli was before he made Paranormal Activity, either, and now he not only has a few world records under his belt, but he's off directing Area 51 and producing a few movies himself. As for Williams, his most notable film to date is the 2004 drama The Door in the Floor, which is, stylistically and tonally, a far cry from the found footage likes of PA. I kind of like that, though, and I like that they went with a relative unknown instead of giving a big name run of the (haunted) house they've built.

The announcement came today from Peli himself over at ParanormalMovie.com. It was simple yet gracious in its brevity:
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