Whenever diatribes against film critics bubble to the surface, fueled by the wholly inaccurate assumption that critics aren't simply movie fans able to express their opinions of a film and make their critiques into careers (while -- gasp -- expecting to be entertained, moved, etc.), I think of The Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness. They are, quite possibly, my favorite moments of brain-less pleasure, whether I'm watching them on the TV, going to see the bloody musical, or just letting Bruce Campbell's many iconic quotes rush through my head when I need a boost.

Sam Raimi's trio of Campbell has its moments of great writing, chills, and blood, while also being a great example of a "don't take it seriously film" that is still, simply, funny. And, if you agree, you should love the clip after the jump, spotted by The Flickcast over at Vimeo. Filmmaker Lee Hardcastle boiled the first The Evil Dead down to 60 seconds, and did it all with clay. The result: a ridiculously funny little short that offers laughs and that great claymation rarely used these days. Warning: It might inspire you to run to the toy store and buy a whole lot of Play-Doh.

I can only hope that we have two more installations to come, with chainsaws, boomsticks, and mini Ash attacks. Please, Lee Hardcastle?