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Here's a look at tonight's sci-fi TV:

Caprica, 'End of the Line'
– It's hard to believe that the mid-season finale of Caprica is already upon us. It seems like the show only premiered a few weeks ago, and the story only just started to take off in the last few episodes. But it's true, the Battlestar Galactica prequel is going on break after tonight. We don't know when the series will return, but Syfy assures us that tonight's finale is gonna be frakkin' intense.

Daniel attempts to reset the U-87, which could erase Zoe's Avatar for good. Zoe's plan to escape the lab goes terribly wrong, and Amanda is sent over the edge when she learns a secret about Daniel. Elsewhere, Sister Clarice starts a full-on war with baddie Barnabus with Lacy stuck in the middle. And Joseph finally comes face to face with Tamara in the V-World. (9 p.m. ET on Syfy)

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