Remember what the world was like before Judd Apatow brought back the raunchy, R-rated comedy? Nah, me neither. Oh wait -- I do! Hollywood comedies, for a good long while, were PG-13 at their naughtiest, aimed at as broad a demographic as possible, and they weren't very funny. It was a tough time to be a grown-up with a sense of humor.

But The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up changed all that, and now we're blessed with a wide variety of adult comedies! By "wide variety," I naturally mean "stories about grown men suffering from protracted adolescence." Pineapple Express, Role Models, The Hangover, I Love You, Man ... all very funny. And all, when you think about it, essentially about the same bunch of guys.

Hot Tub Time Machine is rated R, it's very funny, and it once again features the same group of characters, although they're rendered even more sketchily than in any of the above-mentioned films. John Cusack plays Adam, the likable anchor/ostensible main character. He's just broken up with his live-in girlfriend, who we only experience via phone message and Post-Its demanding her share of the household goods. Adam and and his friend Nick (Craig Robinson) reunite at the hospital following a possible suicide attempt involving their loose-cannon pal Lou (Rob Corddry), and they decide to visit the old stomping grounds from their youth, an upstate ski resort called Kodiak Valley. Adam's nephew, Jacob (Clark Duke) comes along, as well.