Richard Matheson's fingers are in just about everything. If you're even a casual fan of horror, you've seen something that he penned. From Trilogy of Terror to practically co-piloting the original Twilight Zone, the guy is ubiquitous. Of course, it's his prose work that acts as the well for many of the adapted films. The most notable of which is 'I Am Legend', which they've attempted to put up on the screen no less than 3 times now. As much as I love Charlton Heston (and I do), the best effort by far is the little seen 'The Last Man On Earth.'

The premise is relatively simple. Vincent Price plays Dr. Robert Morgan, a scientist holding out against a plague that has converted perhaps all of the earth's population into ravenous ghouls. Each night, he works on a cure as they stalk his house, waiting for their chance to take him. By day, he kicks vampire ass.

It's not completely faithful to Matheson's original novel, but it's a hell of a lot closer than the Omega Man or the Will Smith vehicle, I Am Legend. Shot in 1964, George Romero himself has admitted that the source material, if not the film itself, was an inspiration for Night of the Living Dead. It's thick with mood and full of stark, black-and-white imagery.

If you haven't seen it, then educate yourself. Climb up into the Horror Squad Movie Club's bunker this weekend and check it out. It's been in the public domain for a while now, so you can find this gem all over the internet. Help us spread the word via Twitter by marking your tweets with the hashtag #hsmovieclub. Discussion on Monday!

Watch it here on SlashControl: The Last Man On Earth
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