When news broke at last year's Comic-Con that Matthew Vaughn ('Layer Cake') had made a live-action version of Mark Millar's insanely hilarious comic series 'Kick-Ass'-- about a bunch of teens who moonlight as superheros despite having no discernible powers whatsoever -- fanboy nation got a little giddy.

And from the look of the early trailers, rightfully so.

With Christopher Mintz-Plasse as half-baked vigilante Red Mist and Nicholas Cage as the Dark Knight-like 'Big Daddy', Vaughn seemed to have preserved the comic edge of the books.

But as this first clip shows, Vaughn didn't skimp on the action sequences either (after all, the comic's tag linewas "Sickening Violence: Just the Way You Like It!"), showing Dave Lezewski, a.k.a. Kick-Ass (Aaron Johnson) well, kicking ass.
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