How is that Spock has never been to Vulcan? On April 23, actor Leonard Nimoy is hoping to rectify that by traveling to the Alberta, Canada town for a day devoted entirely to his honor. The citizens of Vulcan are celebrating with a parade and the unveiling of a bronze bust of Nimoy that will sit right in the middle of town.

Vulcan, Alberta joins Riverside, Iowa as a real-world Star Trek vacation spot. Riverside is the "future birthplace" of Captain James T. Kirk, and boasts a statue of the USS Enterprise as well as a historical marker for a fictional event (Kirk's birth) that won't take place until 2228. Folks from Riverside have seen Star Trek as a boon to their small town, hosting a yearly TrekFest that draws fans from around the globe.

I'm a sucker for unusual roadside attractions and a sucker for classic Trek. I may have to plan an intergalactic roadtrip very soon.

(via TrekWeb)
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