[Welcome to the Sci-Fi Lunch Break, where we'll be occasionally supplying you with a cool bit of audio/visual goodness to break up the monotony of the work day. You bring the turkey on rye, we'll bring you something out of this world to watch while you eat it.]

I go through a cycle every couple months where I want to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Once enough time has passed that I can't remember the last time I watched it from beginning to end, I decide to pop it in. I try to convince myself that it's better than I'm giving it credit for, but inevitably I always end up walking away before it ends (which is precisely why I can never recall how long its been since seeing it in full). It's a vicious cycle, believe me.

I don't hate the movie though. I think of it as just a misfire, a "not for me" movie if you will, rather than the audacious affront to childhood many find it to be. Even though I don't like the movie all that much, it's fascinating to me to dive behind the scenes. Today's Lunch Break does just that.

If you own Kingdom of the Crystal Skull you may have already seen this six-minute special feature of Spielberg explaining the genesis of the film. I post it not to remind everyone that Spielberg was the one who kept blocking the film from production; I post it because I love how you can hear genuine frustration and regret in Spielberg's voice. It's like watching the bank robber explain how he got out but was pulled back in for one final job...
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