Who would have ever thought Cinematical would get to meet the future Captain America on one blistering hot day in Puerto Rico? Only a few short months ago, Chris Evans was "that guy we wanted to see more of" and had a very promising part in a very cool looking movie called The Losers.

Many set interviews become a little bit of a relic by the time we can post them, but Evans' is especially interesting. After appearing in four movies (Fantastic Four and Rise of the Silver Surfer,Scott Pilgrim VS The World, and The Losers) he seemed a little weary of the comic book trend, but optimistic about finding new material to adapt. When he first read the script for The Losers, he was unaware it was even a graphic novel. He was just hungry to make some good movies. Evans is really engaging, a sweet guy and a true gentleman. He wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable in his trailer. He's funny, but he's not the wisecracking Johnny Storm people have him pegged as. He became so emotional talking about his dog that you just wanted to give him a big hug. Are these the qualities of a good Steve Rogers? I hope so!

In The Losers, Evans plays Jensen, a sarcastic computer hacker who is the brainiac of the gang. From the sound of it, he gets to skip on a lot of the action and probably winds up with a lot of the most memorable lines. Evans is eager to prove himself, and it will be interesting to see how audiences respond to him in an action-comedy before seeing him ship out to World War 2.

But enough from me. Get to know Evans for yourself.