Say what you will about where Higanjima ends, but it certainly starts off with a bang. A man covered in blood and dirt is running through the jungle in heavy rain on a dark night. He finds refuge in a small shack and slams the door shut as he struggles to catch his breath. He's safe for the moment, but you've seen this scene enough times to know he won't be safe for long. Sure enough vampires burst in and overtake him. His savior arrives in the form of a shadowy, bespectacled figure wielding a samurai sword. He dispatches the vampires swiftly and efficiently with no lack of blood shed. And ... cue title card!

, based on a popular Japanese manga, is the name of an infamous island in the film thought to be inhabited by vampires. Akira is a typical teenager navigating the dangers of high school. His brother has gone missing and when Akira hears that his brother may be alive on Higanjima, he wastes no time assembling a crew of friends to travel to the island and find his brother.
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