Even films that pull in $100 million can still be considered flops, but no one needs any fancy cost analysis on this one: Uma Thurman's latest movie is making news for earning an embarrassingly paltry $131 in its opening weekend in London.

The Guardian reports that a dozen -- at most -- people paid to see 'Motherhood,' a semi-autobiographical pic about a harried Manhattan mom, written and directed by Katherine Dieckmann. On the film's opening day, only one ticket was sold, meaning the movie played out to a single audience member.

Critics haven't been kind to the film (it's rated 20 percent at RottenTomatoes), but then again, compare that to say, 'The Bounty Hunter,' which earned an ultra-low 9 percent RottenTomatoes score, but has managed to haul in $33 million worldwide in one week.
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