Shock Till You Drop broke the news from ShoWest that the word final in the Final Destination series is a complete sham. Yup, looks like Warner Brothers can't wait to prove they learned absolutely nothing from the abysmal fourth installment by subjecting us to a fifth. The film is apparently still looking for the right script--give me a break--but producer Craig Perry feels confident that the new film will deliver more of what horror fans loved about the very first installment.

I can not be the only one who is over this franchise, right? The first was marginally unique and undeniably entertaining. But beyond that, the dredge of sequels have been akin to a salad bar in a questionable all-you-can-eat diner; with horror fans taking the little bits of enjoyable content that they can glean from the array of rancid, rehashed nonsense. As the basis for drinking games, these sequels served a fine function; take a shot for every new and overly-complicated Rube Goldberg device that leads unalterably to bloody conclusion. But I think we all stopped taking these things seriously a long time ago.

My favorite part about this story is that the producer claims that they've extracted a great deal from the missteps of The Final Destination and plan on fixing those errors. But in the same breath, the one thing he asserts with all certainty is that the new film will be in 3D. Funny, because the biggest problem with TFD was the atrocious 3D. Hopefully that's first on the list of repairs for the followup. I'd love to hear suggestions from you, the readers, as to what tragic event you'd like to see open the film. Thoughts? Did somebody say mass trampling at an after Thanksgiving sale?
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