The lovely Zoe Saldana is on everyone's radar now, but when Cinematical got to sit down with her in San Juan for The Losers, people were only just starting to notice she had really kicked some butt in Star Trek. I was quite excited to talk to her, since I had missed seeing her alongside Sigourney Weaver at SDCC's Women of Sci-Fi panel. She comes off as so fearless onscreen that I was really curious to see what she would be like off. Would she be really low key? Shy, even? Would she be sexily self-conscious?

Happily, I can say no to all three. Saldana is really cool in person. She has a great sense of humor, she's super friendly, and she's just as fearless as she is onscreen. She could care less about being sexy. There aren't many actresses who can appeal to men and women in equal measure. Some of them immediately attract a lot of snark and girl hate from women. Ladies, don't put Saldana in those girl hate ranks! She's doing her best to kick ass and take names, and she's so casual about her lethal ability to do it that you have to root for her. I also wanted to hang out with her forever, and have her around in case I was ever in danger so she could rescue me. You should wish the same.

Now, let's listen to Saldana talk about The Losers, shall we?

Your character is the big mystery in this. Tell us about Aisha.

Zoe Saldana: Obviously, we all know that Clay's team, their objective is to find a way to get back home. And Aisha's objective is later revealed. And it's just as personal, and it's just as profound, but it's compelled her to sort of play some shady cards with the boys, especially with Clay.

Is her backstory similar to the graphic novel?

Saldana: It is. It's very similar. In terms of like, the piercings and how savage she is when she's fighting.