At the Movies may be closing up shop, but the legacy of Roger Ebert continues on. This week, the titles were announced for the 12th annual Ebertfest, held at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign, not far from the campus of the University of Illinois. Members of his movie club were informed a few days ago, but the film schedule has now been announced on the fest's website for every cinema lover to salivate over.

The festivities kick off in mind-melting fashion on Wednesday, April 21 with a 70mm presentation of Alan Parker's Pink Floyd: The Wall. If your faculties are intact after that you may want to stick around to see Roy Andersson's You, The Living with actress Jessika Lundberg and Assistant Director/Production Manager, Johan Carlsson, in attendance.

Thursday brings audiences Munyurangabo with writer/director Lee Isaac Chung, co-writer/producer, Sam Anderson and co-producer Jenny Lund, The New Age with writer/director Michael Tolkin and a presentation of Apocalypse Now Redux with Sound & Film Editor Walter Murch.
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