Kiefer Sutherland in '24' (Brian Bowen Smith / FOX)Has the moment passed for a popular TV show to make the transition to the big screen? Action thriller 24 has been canceled, as reported by our friends at TV Squad, with the last episode of its eighth season scheduled to air on May 24. Star Kiefer Sutherland told that the time is right to 'move in the direction' of making a film version.

The show has been declining in the ratings over the course of the season, which makes me wonder whether it's too late to resuscitate the interest the show once had. Has Jack Bauer been beaten to the pulp one too many times? Or has he tortured too many people to care anymore? We've been hearing rumors about a 24 movie for at least four years. Three years ago, Sutherland said a movie would be made in the hiatus between the sixth and seventh season. Current word is that Billy Ray (Shattered Glass, State of Play) is scripting; Sutherland says the movie will be a two-hour representation of a 24-hour day. It's far from a done deal, however, and it could be years before we see that little ticking digital clock again.

At one point the show was a pulse-pounding 'must watch,' but I steadily lost interest somewhere around the time Jack Bauer was returned to China, an agent or two returned from the dead, a president or two returned from exile, and yet one more trusted insider proved to be a turncoat. Even two years ago, I would have been happy to see a flick, but the moment has passed for me to have any excitement or anticipation. What about you?
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