As expected, DreamWorks' animated newcomer 'How to Train Your Dragon' finally knocked Disney's 'Alice in Wonderland' from its perch atop the box office in its fourth week, in the year's first big head-to-head battle between 3-D movies.

'Dragon' debuted with an estimated $43.3 million, while 'Alice' lost half of last week's audience for a still strong $17.3 million (and a domestic total to date of $293.1 million) -- this on a weekend when many theater chains raised 3-D ticket prices by as much as 26 percent.

True, 'Dragon' didn't burn up the box office the way DreamWorks' 'Monsters vs. Aliens' did, opening with $59.3 million on the same weekend a year ago. Still, these results seemed to prove that two 3-D movies could prosper at the same time in an increasingly crowded 3-D marketplace, with not nearly enough 3-D auditoriums in the United States for traditional blockbuster-sized releases of more than one 3-D movie at a time.