The Penny Arcade Expo made its first foray to the east coast this past weekend, and gamers seem to have dug it (it sold out...). I haven't gotten caught up with everything that happened at the show, but one of the biggest moments of the three day event took place on Saturday, when EA's Visceral Games revealed a brief clip featuring gameplay footage from the highly anticipated Dead Space 2.

The Visceral guys were part of a panel on "Creating a World of Horror in Games", an event that was live streamed on the internet. During the clip (which comes courtesy of Dread Central), the creative team decides to show off the fruit of their labor in a brief bit of video showing lead character Isaac Clark flying (it reminds me of Iron Man, to be honest) from one train car to the next and then blasting a Necromorph.

The footage is a little blurry and shaky, but it's still our first look at the sequel in action and sure to appeal to anyone (like me!) who loved the original Dead Space. Check out the video after the jump. The gameplay footage airs early, then is replayed at the 23:50 mark.
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