In only a few days, it will be April Fool's Day, where we all practice our best practical jokes and prey on the innocent gullibility of the masses. But when you're entrenched in the film world, and writing about it on a daily basis, April 1 begins to seem like any ordinary day. Or rather, most other days end up seeming like Fool's days, with all the ridiculous news that hits. We've got movies getting made about board games that barely have a plot, remakes upon remakes of crap hurtling towards us, and other strange bites that never seem real until we actually see the moving, video proof.

Currently, Hollywood is in love with all things retro. One quick glimpse at Den of Geek's handy "75 movie remakes and reboots currently in the works" reveals a long list of classic and crappy flicks getting revisited. We always talk about what that means cinematically -- the few films that will rise above, and all the rest that will surely fail, but there's also another matter: the attitudes and themes we can't seem to leave in the past.

When Hollywood grabs an old story, they're not just lazing out by grabbing plots and characters from the past, they're also grabbing decades-old attitudes and characterizations from a time better left behind.
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