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How do more people not know about The Last Man On Earth? This should be one of the first films that spring to mind when horror nerds like you and I banter about classics, particularly pre-color ones. Yet I've been met with the gazes of dullards whenever I mention it (and admittedly, I only just saw it a few years ago). Casual film fans have no idea and even many ravenous horror fans like you and I just kind of brush it off, as if to say, "Oh, one of Vincent Price's ten thousand films? Meh." I'll bet good money that even our own Brian Salisbury didn't do his homework this weekend and watch it. (Yes, Brian, you're being called out!)

Out of the three attempts to adapt Richard Matheson's 'I Am Legend', this one is the best. Yes, it's better than a snarling Charlton Heston playing chess with a bust of Caesar. It's better than Will Smith doing battle with bounding bundles of pixels. While it's really only marginally more faithful than the subsequent efforts, it hits some of the finer points right on the head. Since it's in the public domain, this flick will practically fall in your lap. There are literally dozens of places to find it online and its a staple of those generic horror box set deals, alongside gems like Nosferatu and Atom Age Vampire. So if you haven't yet joined Vincent Price in the apocalypse, you're out of excuses. Watch it. Discuss. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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