We've been hearing about a film adaptation of Brian K. Vaughn's popular comic series Y: The Last Man for ages. And by ages I mean about four, maybe five years. For most of those years, DJ Caruso was on board to direct and Shia LaBeouf was going to star as the last male on Earth after a mysterious plague wipes the Y chromosome off the face of the planet. They did a lot of talking about it. Then the talking stopped. And then they unceremoniously dropped off the project.

Latino Review is reporting that a new director has expressed interest in the adventures of Yorick Brown and his pet monkey, Ampersand: Louis Letterier, the director of The Incredible Hulk and the opening-oh-so-very-soon Clash of the Titans.

With the preamble and facts out of the way, I suppose it's time for my hopefully valuable, thoughtful and honest opinion. I like Letterier. I definitely like him more than DJ Caruso, although he's not a filmmaker who sets my world on fire (although I seem to be in the minority who think that Clash of the Titans does not look like a great big bag of awful). He's a solid action director and he hasn't developed any quick-cutting shaky-cam bad habits yet, so he's got that going for him. I haven't read the entirety of Y: The Last Man (I'm slowly making my way through the trades and really enjoying it), but this is not a series with a great deal of action. Could Letterier tell a story about human beings who don't turn into green beasts or Damn the Gods? Question of the moment!

Letterier has also been putting his name out there as a potential director of Marvel's The Avengers, so if his getting that gig becomes a real possibility, will that take him off Y: The Last Man? Who knows. Maybe. Sure. I really don't see him getting the Avengers job, anyway. So, let's pretend he is doing Y: The Last Man. Any dream casting? Should it be a trilogy? Should they revive Vaughn's draft of the screenplay?

Questions, always questions ...
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