Proving once again the theory that you can always find someone out there to praise your film, whether it be a junketeer, on Rotten Tomatoes or on Facebook, Sony's The Bounty Huntercovered up its bare ads with a pair of quotes this week. Seen on the commercials and in the paper were Steve Oldfield saying that "Aniston and Butler sizzle", a pair that Maria Salas called "a hilarious combination." Funny, but that's what I think of Oldfield and Salas offering their praise to a film that has yet to crack double-digits on Rotten Tomatoes - both in percentage (8%) and positive reviews (9).

Sony's brilliant marketing strategy in Chicago (which you can read more about here and there) was to schedule the film up against a screening of Repo Men, guaranteeing that most members of the press couldn't possibly review both. Most members, that is. The Tribune, Sun-Times and At The Movies were invited to a screening a full ten days before. Makes sense, right? If you are desperately trying to hide a film from the press (without giving it the attached stigma of what it means to not screen it) you want to show it to the outlets you believe can best give you the most negative exposure possible. Who needs real critics though when you have Salas and Oldfield?

Even the normally generous Pete Hammond could not produce a fresh tomato for The Bounty Hunter. Thankfully, in such a lackluster first quarter, he was able to find a film that he could put his weight behind. Hammond called this week's box office champion, How To Train Your Dragon:

"The first great movie of 2010!"
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