Normally, a TV spot is nothing to go too crazy over but as this is only the third time we've seen Iron Man 2 footage, it's notable. The following aired during Saturday's Kid's Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, and while it doesn't pack the new and eye-grabbing moments of the most recent trailer, it does feature Scarlett Johansson actually speaking. She uses real words and forms a complete sentence! At long last, you can finally believe what I told you last July: Natasha Romanov doesn't have a Russian accent. Glad? Disappointed? Could have cared less? Your individual emotions undoubtedly run the gauntlet.

You also get to see more of War Machine, hear Nick Fury, and see "the doughnut scene" which was quoted endlessly at ComicCon last year, and was one of many high points of the "sweded" version of the footage. It was also at the center of the first set photo we saw. Why am I giving you this pathetic and exhaustive list? Because I'd like to highlight that in two trailers and one commercial, we've seen very little of the completed film since last summer's first hints. Paramount, Marvel, and Jon Favreau are keeping this one close to the chest -- not surprising since Favreau tweeted that this weekend brings the end of post-production -- and I sincerely hope it stays that way. May is only 39 days off, after all, and all our tickets are bought at this point. We don't need to see a single frame or photo more.

The Iron Man 2 television spot is embedded below and is watermarked by The Movie Box. I apologize if I'm stomping on them or anyone else by using this particular bit of YouTube code.